Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of Disney!!!!!!!!!

Today was the day we check out, kisses mickey and minnie good bye and headed home. :( But before we did we went to the Grande Floridian and ate at the Supercala Breakfast. We eat with Tigger, Pooh, Mary Poppins, Alice, and the Mad Hatter. The food her was probably my favorite... the had a person making custom omelets and they were so good!
these two are a pair that is for sure! mary poppins.. they ask her to sing...
winnie the pooh
jackson and the mad hatter...
brylee was afraid of him...
she would not her picture made
with him!
sweet alice
jackson and brylee with "mickey" After breakfast we headed back to load up and swim (aka wear them out)
These two LOVE to swim and play in the water.
We then said good bye to mickey mouse! We grabbed some lunch, started a movie and
a few miles down the road my little babies
were OUT! They were so tired.
They saw the "other side" of 11:00 several times
during the week.
But we had a GREAT week and honestly
I can NOT wait to go back.
It was a BLAST!!!!!!
my tired babies... you know if jackson falls asleep
he is VERY tired b.c he is not a napper at ALL! Here are a few shots from out hotel. We stayed at the
All Star Sports Resort. Jackson loved all the sports
stuff that was everywhere! I am glad we stayed here
for him since disney is "so girly" it was nice for him to
have something boyish. The place was nice, reasonably
priced and we had no complaints. The buses were great
we never waited on one more that 10 minutes at any time.

Well there you have it... our disney vacation review. Stick a fork in my I am DONE!

And now it is time for your part... i know there is many of you out there reading all about our vacation (because i see the counter going up... up.. up) but you are forgetting one thing... I have gotten ONE... ONE comment... come on people, lurkers, stalkers, show us some LOVE and tells us what you thought! Thanks and love to all and thanks for reading or skimming and looking at the pictures! :)


  1. Ok well I love all the pics and am so jealous. We are trying to find time to take the kids for a few days and then my family is going next spring break. I can't wait! Who did all your mickey and minnie shirts with matching shorts? I need some of them made definitely!

  2. wow , Shelley - all of that makes me just tired thinking of all that yall did! looks like you had a wonderful time! i cant wait to take our kids, but i think we are going to wait until samuel gets a little bigger! i am truly impressed at all the planning ahead that you did to get the outfits to match (I will have to consider that when we do go - cause i am like you i looks so much better when they match - or at least dont clash!!)

  3. All the pics are wonderful.. you did a great job with all the outfit planning.. love them all.. you truly have a gift for that.. love you

  4. Wow, what an amazing trip! I'm jealous!!! We might go next year (in the fall of 2010) when Carter turns 5... We'll see... Such cute outfits every day - love the mickey/minnie ones with the prince and princess hats!

  5. LOVE all the pics. Makes me even more excited for our trip. CUTE CUTE new header :)