Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Grande!!!!!

Our next stop was The Grande in Pointe Clear / Fairhope. We LOVE this place and it is probably one of our favorite places to go. The kids LOVE it and there is so much for them to do. They LOVE the slide and if they went down that slide once they went down it 100 times.
They love to swim in the GINORMOUS pool...
For dinner we went to Fairhope and picked up pizza at a local pizza place much like Davenports at home and brought it back. There is so much fun stuff for the kids to do on the grounds so we did not want to miss it all by going somewhere to eat.
We sat on the beach, ate pizza, and watched the sun set... it was so nice! My two cuties! While i went to work the next day daddy took the kids on a bike ride... ( sorry the picture is bad due to the lens fogging up) but the princess got tired of peddling her bike... so her chariot awaits and she rides behind prince charming That afternoon we laid out by the pool and the kids went down the slide again Swam around in the pool some more...
We have reached the "google / mask" phase of swimming
"scuba jackson"
the princess floating around...
PS... happy 100th post to me... WOW! 100 post in 6 months... not bad! :)

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  1. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! As usual...LOVE their outfits!