Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gulf Shores!!!!!

After the game monday night we left for the beach... it is another work trip for me and richard and the kids came along for this one. Our first stop Gulf Shores!!!! We started by eating lunch here tuesday... it was really good... and i was eager to eat there b.c it came highly recommended by several friends and it is a GREAT kid place too! They have a bubble machine that the kids enjoyed playing in while we waited on our food!
Jackson was all into the bubbles!!
"check out my bubbles mom"
he covered himself in bubbles! Brylee was a little unsure at first but she finally got a hand full and that was it. She DOESN'T like to get her clothes wet so she played a little more cautious. They also had a limbo contest while we were there... the kids enjoyed that too!
jackson was a pretty good "limboer"...
jackson and brylee at the hangout!
after we ate lunch we headed to the beach....
the kids LOVED jumping the waves... in years past they
have not been big fans of the ocean but not this year
they loved playing in it and jumping the waves
& riding the buggie board especially jackson!
brylee played in the ocean for a little while then she
came and played in the sand and looked for sea shells...
my two beach bums!
we had a great time at the hang out and the beach...
our next stop The Grande in Fairhope!

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