Thursday, July 2, 2009

4th place State Champs!

Monday Night was out last All Star game. Our team played the best game they had played and only lost by one point to a team we played the week before and we had lost by 6. So i think that shows improvement for sure. Great Job Chelsea 5 year old All Stars!
Who knew "losing" could be this exciting?
or would bring a smile like this... but when you are 6 years old... loosing means your name is called out... and you get this... a participation metal!!!!
And these little guys had already watched two teams
get medals and that is all they wanted. They could not
get the concept that they would get a trophy if they won.
All the parents were laughing at the end b.c once we lost
all the kids ran out of the dug out screaming "we get a
medal, we get a medal". You gotta love the innocence of a
6 year old... they have their eye on the prize... big or small! :)
The Chelsea 5 year old All-Stars! Congratulations guys for winning 4th in the State! My men! Don't they look cute?

richard was not actually a "true coach" for the team but one of the coaches who did not have a kid on the team was out due to work so we got to be the dug out dad and keep all the "monkeys in their cage" during the state tournament so it was fun for him too!

I guess that is it for baseball until fall ball! Football summer practice for the middle school starts next week so I'm sure that will be the new focus in our house... we move from one sport to the next! :)

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