Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

We spent 4th of July at the lake with our cousins and granny's extended family. We enjoyed some yummy bbq, sides, desserts, and homemade ice cream. Along with lots of fun in the lake and on the boat. We ended the night watching fireworks.
it's a 4th of july tradition...
every year we have a picture of the kids
in their patriotic bathing suits on the
back of the boat
the littles having fun in the pool jackson riding the rocket
the kiddie table that jp was too cool to sit at...
i think everyone enjoyed their cupcakes,
especially katie...
who knew amber was so creative...
she is getting married in 2 weeks
and was so proud of her cake...
it tasted as good as it looked...
After lunch we took the kids... big and small
to the rope swing!!!
and look who was the first to go off...
(go go pick up your chin) :)
yes this is jackson going off the "little" rope swing
he loved it... i was scared to death
but he went off it like a champ
several times....
and then we went to the "big rope swing"
and everyone went off it including jackson...
pictured l to r: bradley (who is going to be a daddy in a few weeks... i ask his girlfriend if he had life insurance), amber (who is getting married in 2 weeks... i reminded her she would not look cute in a body cast under her wedding gown), andrew (the future groom... we told him to make sure he got a black cast to match his tux), aimee ( at least she is not responsible for any one else), teresa (who we quickly told her she was going to feel that the next day), and last but not least Jackson man... who was a champ, had NO fear, and thought he was something else and LOVED every minute of that rope swing! Lord help me in the coming years... i have a dare devil on my hands.
mr. and miss. Independence!!!
That evening we drove to the amphitheater in alex city to see the fireworks... they were AMAZING... i don't think i will ever go back to b'ham to see them again... the show was 40 minutes long, 3 different times we thought it was the finale, we had AWESOME seats, right under the fireworks, i don't think i have ever been that close... it was GREAT and the kids LOVED them.
me and my babies... we sat on the roof of the car to watch
we successful got a family picture... woo hoo!!!
brylee and zac at the fireworks

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