Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More fun on the lake...

Sunday we "hit the lake" for more fun in the sun!
brylee and daddy on the sea doo... she loves to ride this
the faster the better...
jackson and zac riding the rocket... zac was not so sure
but at least he tried. brylee and jackson riding the rocket... brylee did not like it b.c it splashed her face... zac swimming in the lake... yeah zac... this is HUGE for this little guy... in the past he was a not a big fan of the lake... katie-bug on the other hand was "showing him up"... she was jumping off the steps and then started
jumping off the pier to her mommy... Jackson wanted to show Granny and Pap Pap how he could go off the rope swing since they missed it the day before... he is so proud of himself!
there he goes.... look at that face! brylee wanted to go off so bad but she doesn't have the strength to hold onto the rope... so she went up their with daddy and he picked her up and threw her off the edge so she could "go off the rope swing". Such a big girl! :)
and last but not least daddy went off the swing... good thing he has life insurance :)
but he survived... a little sore the next day (LOL)
jackson riding the tube...
he LOVES all things about the lake That night we were all going to cook mexican at the house... so richard and jackson went to the store to get all the stuff... while they were gone a storm came in and right when they came back the power went out... we waited for a while to see if it would come back on but there was no sigh of it... so we loaded up and headed to Niffer's to eat dinner. I love their corn nuggets so it suited me just fine. :)
jackson at dinner with DS in hand...
brylee so proud of her pretty picture...
she worked so hard on during dinner :)
all the kids and richard at Niffer's!

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