Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Ketchup Post"

We are having lap top issues and they are in the "shop" and it is just so "hard" to come downstairs to the desk top... we are spoiled sitting in the comfort of our bed or couch with our laptops so i had to come down here for ebay reasons tonight so i decided to stay a while and update the blog... so here you have this is my "ketchup post" meaning I need to catch up the blog so here you go... hold on and get ready for picture overload!!! Almost three weekends ago we went to the lake for a family reunion for richards dads side of the family. My kids love it when we get together with this side b.c there are TONS of cousins and older cousins and they love playing with older kids... their immediate cousins are either their age or younger. We love it too b.c we have lots of folks to entertain them... yeah!
The boys jumping off the upper deck
brett, lance, & jackson
Quad-ride anyone?
lance, brett, emily, & brylee
Jackson absolutely LOVED Eric and he was so sweet and patient with Jackson. Jackson ate lunch with him, played with him, followed him around, it became the running joke that if you need jackson just find eric and you would see him. And what are guys for... but to teach little guys how to soak the crowd with the MEGA water gun! I wish you could see Jackson's face... looks much like eric's... he loved it! Jackson's other fast friend was Mason; which is eric's younger brother... they had a great time together too.
Their family has a boat and were going on a boat ride and their "4th adopted son for the day" was not letting them leave him... he hoped right in and off they went... so sweet to my little man.
And they even took Jackson and Mason on a tube ride. Jackson was so excited to have a buddy to ride with... most of the time he has to ride by his self b.c brylee doesn't like the water in her face and everyone else is too little or scared! It was fun for him to go on a "real tube ride" as he called it b.c Tim pulled them "fast and slung them around" according to Jackson... he loved it!
While the boys were away in the boat brylee became fast friends with emily and they went to jump off the top deck... however brylee chickened out and went to the lower one...
1-2-3... JUMP and there she goes...
We (richard and I) did not stay at the reunion all day... we left to go to a wedding in Montgomery for the evening. It was some nice much needed adult interacting and adult fun. Thanks granny and pap pap for keeping the monkeys for us!
Of course they did not miss us one little bit... in fact when we came to pick them up Pap Pap and Mr. Scott taught Jackson how to do this....
He was so proud... check out his face! We were equally as proud to seem him. I love watching him learn to do new things! He did a great job and skied a pretty go ways for a 6 year old! We left the lake that sunday early to make it back in time for Jackson's all star swim party. However it rained so they only got to swim for a little bit. But they got what was important to them... a big ole trophy!
Coach Steve and Jackson
Showing off his trophy!
We have been "home" for 2 weeks straight and if you have been keeping up with the blog that is pretty much unheard of for us this summer so naturally the kids get bored (especially jackson) he wakes up everyday asking to go do something everyday. He thinks we are put on this earth to entertain him and that we are made of money b.c he doesn't want to stay home. So we pretty much do stuff all the time to keep him busy...
One day we took him to the driving range and let him hit balls... he has been wanting to do this for a while but we would not let him until after baseball was over... you know could not chance messing up that swing LOL! :)
my future tiger woods
Of course it was H-O-T so brylee and I stayed on the porch and rocked while the boys hit balls and "sweated" as brylee calls it!
brylee and whatever and whoever she decides to bring for the day!
"it was a rough hot day on the course"
Well there you have it! Now I am caught up... for the moment! However we are going here on Saturday with a bunch of friends from our Sunday School class... it should be fun! I know the kids will LOVE it! I am sure I will have lots of pictures to share!
And then we are leaving Sunday to go here... I am so excited! I have heard nothing but great things about this place. It seems like everyone I talk too has been there and just raves about it. From what I understand it is walking distance to here and I have heard there are tons of good places to eat, lots of loud music and bands playing, and fun things for the kids to do. It is a business trip for me and my dad (we only have to work for few hours 2 of the days) so the whole family is going. We should have lots of fun! I have not been to Destin in a very long time and Jackson and Brylee have never been b.c we always go to gulf shores or mexico beach so if you have any recommendations about places to eat here or fun things to do... leave me a comment we are up for LOTS of suggestion!
So I should be busy packing; which I am not b.c we pretty much have to be ready to leave Friday! Happy Weekend and see ya'll when I return to the blogging world with yet another picture overload I am sure!


  1. Make sure you shop at Destin Commons!!!!

  2. We stayed at the Sandestin G&B Resort 2 years ago and LOVED it! One of my favorite things we did when we were there was renting bikes and riding around the resort. Baytowne Wharf is great! There is a kids clothing boutique there too that I know you will love ;)