Thursday, July 30, 2009

Water Park

Last Saturday we loaded up and headed out to Blountsville, Alabama to a water park called Spring Valley Beach. We went with many of our friends from our sunday school class. I will be the first to admit that the website doesn't do it justice. I was not thinking it was going to be all that great and I really thought me kids were going to be disappointed b.c they had been to bigger and better. We kept say we are just going for the fellowship. However much to my (all) surprise it was really fun! It was a great family place. It was small enough to were you could keep up with your kids but yet big enough to have fun too. We had a nice little picnic area near all the water and we grilled out hotdogs for lunch and just had fun spending the day with friends! However, my old old camera-- not my rebel but the first digital camera that I always take to places like this b.c it takes pictures but I don't have to worry about anything happening to it etc well it got STOLEN from our table. The funny thing about it was I had taken a few pictures and then put it back in our bag and Jackson came and got him a towel and when he yanked his towel out of the bag the camera fell to the ground and broke. So i hope the person enjoys their new broken camera. However I would have liked the camera card out of it... but oh well! Thanks to Kimberly I have a few pictures to share. Mandy has more but I will be old and grey before we get those! :)
"The Motley Crew"
anthony, cole, brylee, carsyn, jackson, gary, & john
carsyn and brylee being mermaids
This was the biggest water slide there. I was called the Half Pipe but Jackson called it the Free Fall... this is actually Kimberly and Carsyn going off it but Brylee and I went off it and she was scared to death. She tried to chicken out at the top but I was not walking back down these steps so I just grabbed her, sat in the float and told the life guard to push us... and down we went. She SCREAMED!!!!!! the whole way... it was hilarious but she did it! All the other slides were not near as scary and she loved all of those. Jackson and Daddy went down this slide together too and the Jackson went down by himself. So brave!!!
We had a great time! Thanks Kimberly for being in charge and getting all this fun arranged for us... i don't know what we would have done without all your planning skills! LOL!!!!!
All you Sunday School Class Blog Stalkers out there "that chickened out".... you will have to join us next year! It really was FUN!!!!

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