Friday, July 31, 2009

Lucky Snapper!

Tuesday night mom and dad had another dinner and entertainment thing to go to so we were going to go to Baytowne again but it was pouring down rain and so we knew we could not walk in the rain so we decided to take the car and go to Destin to eat. Apparently us and everyone else too. We did not wait one minute for a table in Baytowne either night but no so much in Destin. Hour and half wait at Fudpuckers, hour wait at AJ's, so the winner was 30 minutes at Lucky Snapper. It was good!
Another one man band for my kids to dance too... the love them some music and dancing! dancing the night away! Sissy was introduced to a Shirley Temple while we were there. She thought she was something else with her little drink with her little umbrella in it! :)
mommy and jay-man before....
he was out... he laid his head in my lap waiting on the food and fell asleep...
if you know jackson you know that NEVER happens... LOUD music and all!
I guess that is what riding and jumping waves for 2 hours will do to you! :)

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