Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Day of Beach Fun!

Wednesday was our last day at the beach. Thankfully due to meeting that morning (which I did not have to attend :) we got late check outs... we did not have to be out until 1:00... which was so nice! So we all headed back to the beach! I will say I have NEVER seen the beach so crowded... it was four deep... meaning their were four rows of chairs, tents, etc... it was CRAZY... but FUN! this is what brylee does when i call her name... turns and smiles... do you think i take too many pictures or what? such a little m-e-s-s mess! This float was the best 10.00 ever spent.... they played and road in this thing for hours!!!!!
brylee riding the boat!
both in the boat... they would sit/lay in it and daddy would take them out and they would ride the waves back in... if they did that once they did it 100 times! So FUN!

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