Friday, July 31, 2009

Tommy Bahama's

After we checked out we headed to eat a late lunch at Tommy Bahama... i knew he made clothes but did not know he cooked too... but it was really good... pricey but good! :)
Who knew umbrella made drinks so much fun... sweet tea and a umbrella!
No near as impressed??? The Newlyweds... Mr. Randy and Mrs. Cathy were down there too... as my kids say Randy is the "tea man" b.c he works for Red Diamond! :) Fun at the fountains!
They had these fountians out back of the resturant... the kids loved them!
jackson "trying" not to get wet... ha!
he was soaked when we left!
Who knew they made bread in the shape of crowns???
queen of the bread!
and king of the bread!
And there you have it...our beach adventure is over... sad sad!
Jackson and Grandaddy headed back in the big ole truck and me, mom, brylee, and richard headed to the outlets for some back to school shopping and then we left about 5:00 headed
It was a fun trip! I highly recommend the place we stayed, all the places we ate, it was truly a great trip! I can't wait til next year... i think we might go kidless next time... but shhh don't tell them! We had fun with them but I would love to have stayed out later and longer at Baytowne b.c that place was SOOO FUN!
Caught up for now... headed to the lake tomorrow... one last trip for the kids before school starts!!! For some reason we just can't stay home! :)
Happy Weekend!
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