Saturday, September 12, 2009

carys rose....

Sharing my new favorite finds... Carys Rose Designs!!! Check out these super cute and high quality fun things I just got...
these are bottle / sippy cup labels...
how cute are they!!!!
i love them b.c they are BIG and FUN!
bag tags... look how cute these are!
i love that the front & the back are different
these are so fun and this one is
sooo brylee... we love some pink and green!
and check out jackson's...
she designed this one and was able
to match his backpack colors perfect...
it is so boyish... love it!!!
Not only are these super cute, fun, but the quality is one of the best i have seen. The customer service was super as well! Kristi is the owner and designer of these products and she does some great work! Check out her website... she has tons of other stuff... cards, labels, stationary, everything! You can view her website here!

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