Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight Years Ago....

This morning when I woke up I scrolled through facebook and saw all the status updates about 8 years ago... at the time i did not realize the date but when I checked my phone this wave of emotion just came over me. WOW! I do remember 8 years ago so well... i was teaching my first class in a small little private school with 9 second grades and the principle came and pulled me and the other teachers into the hall and told us what had happened. At the time I had no children of my own so those 9 little ones were all i could think about; thankfully we were all safe but all i could think about were all the others that did not have that same thought.
I have been to ground zero twice during my trips to new york and all i can say is that it is the most somber place i have ever been. It is amazing the emotions and feelings you feel for all those people who were killed. I just stood there in shock really. When we were there my first time there was a man sitting in the streets playing God Bless America... and honestly I could not think of a more perfect song. God really does Bless American even in a tragic situation like 9/11!
So today, take a moment and say a prayer for those families who lost loved ones 8 years ago today!
And I leave you with a few more pictures of The World Trade Center, Ground Zero, the Cemetery that many are buried, and just the surrounding area where the Twin Towers were!

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  1. It is crazy to think that it was 8 years ago..I remember it well too..that was my first year teaching at CB. What a day you'll never forget.