Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's A Family Tradition...

Every year we go to the beach we always take family beach pictures usually in khaki and white on the beach... well this year due to "old people being set in their ways" we had to take them at my nannies house which is near the beach and we wore denim and white. They turned out ok... a little too "posey" for me and I don't really like "stand up picture" especially when you have kids b.c there is just too much "space" but oh well... we have them and we will treasure the memory!
my parents and the kids...
us, my parents and the kids...
kk (my aunt; my mom's sister) and the kids
the girls the whole crew... nannie & mark with the kids... GoGo & the grands... the two cuties of the bunch... four generations...
nannie, gogo, me & brylee
So between being the only one that knows how to work the camera and take some what descent pictures and a husband that can NOT open his eyes in a picture to save his life... we end up with these... lovely... And because misery loves company... we try it again on another night... and by the time i take a family picture... brylee is DONE with smiling and i get this face... oh the memories... ha!
Well so I guess you take what you get... and exactly what age does picture taking get easier???

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  1. Great pictures even if they are not exactly how you like them!!! Getting family pictures are difficult and it is usually not the kids that are difficult!!!