Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Fair...

Last night GoGo and Grandaddy took us all to The Fair! I L-O-V-E The Fair! What is it about fair food that always smells SO GOOD (although it is ridiculously priced)! I got me a much anticipated caramel apple and daddy got him a fried twinkie... i had a bite or two and i must say it was really good! We had a blast! The kids loved riding all the rides and most of them they could ride by themselves which was nice just to let them ride and watch their faces... they had a BLAST!

Daddy is not much on rides but I love them! The kids and I rode this mouse trap ride that is like a maze and swings you around and acts like you are going off the end... it was FUN! They loved it!

We don't know who the other boy is with us but he did not have anyone to ride with so he rode with us. Bless his heart he said he had never ridden a "roller coaster" before. He ask Jackson if he had and JP told him he rode a bunch in Disney World. Poor little guy said he had never been to Disney World. Jackson could not believe he had never been... our kids just don't know how lucky they are. We keep trying to tell them that they get to do more things than most kids and really try hard to teach them to have a grateful heart. Slowly they are understanding I think? But when it is your life style it is hard to know any different. However, they were very thankful to go last night and told GoGo and G'daddy thank you several times!

Sorry my light hearted post just got deep on you... anyway back to the fair!

Our last ride was "the scary ride" as Jackson calls it... he rode it last year and wanted to ride it again. It is the one that carries you way up and then drops you... I know the picture quality is not good but I love his expression on his face!

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