Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Football is upon us.....

Tonight was the first CMS football game... this is the day my little man has waited for since July when summer workouts began. When i say that jackson is OBSESSED with football... i mean it! He talks about it ALL the time... he loves to go to practice... he thinks he is one of them... he thinks he is on the team! Whatever Coach Brian tells the team to do jackson thinks that means him too. For example, he told them to wear a white or gray shirt and black or blue shorts to practice or they had to pay money... jackson came home saying he had to wear it so daddy did not have to pay money. The first day they dressed out in full pads... jackson wore his full pads too and was dressed at 11:00 am for a 4:00 practice... that was a long day! Thank goodness all the coaches are so sweet about letting him come to practice and really make him feel apart of the team. The players are very nice to him too; they speak to him when we see them other places and when he is not at practice for a few days they will ask about him. He ABSOLUTELY loves everything about the game!!! We also use his obsession as leverage for his behavior... if he pulls a card at school he can't go to practice or the game... he missed pictures b.c he pulled a card and that about crushed him but other than that he has not missed anything else. Today he had a sub and he does not do good with subs... he doesn't like change... so we told him if he did not pull a card he could go eat pre game meal with the team, go to study hall before the game, dress out with the team, and of course be the water boy and ball boy for the team. He came off the bus grinning from ear to ear and said "NO CARDS!!!" so i took him right to the school! He told me this morning he dreamed that he was eating with the team and could not find the plates...bless his heart... see he even dreams about it!!!!
Here are some pictures of my little man in action... so stinkin' cute!!!!!!
I just love this little man so much... i am so glad is loves sports... and i guess that would definately make a football coachin' daddy proud too!

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