Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Little Charger Cheerleader!!!

This week at Brylee's school they offered a Little Charger Cheerleading Clinic after school. During the clinic the girls learned cheers, chants, and a dance. They cheered at the pep rally and the football game friday night. Brylee was BESIDE herself with excitement and LOVED every minute of the clinic, cheering at the pep rally, and the game. I think this little one has found her "calling"... she is all about cheering and is actually pretty good. She was so cute to watch!! Here are pictures for the pep rally... they lined up behind the "real" cheerleaders and cheered the whole pep rally... it was so cute! (it should be noted that i about had a panic attack when i walked in and she did not have her bow in her hair... it fell out was in her backpack... of all days... gezz)
Before we left for the game I got a few pictures of my little cheerleader...
She also got to cheer as part of the half time show at the football game friday night. I was worried how she would do b.c it was raining and she HATES to get wet... but she went out there and cheered and danced just fine... i did not get too many pictures since it was raining i was more concerned about being under the umbrella and keeping my camera dry.
the cheerleading squad after the pep rally...
most of these varisty cheerleaders i taught a few years back... they were so sweet to brylee... and gave her lots of extra attention which of course she LOVED... she thinks the girls are the greatest!
I guess this little clinic has confirmed that we will be cheering for the youth league next year... i can't wait and neither can she!

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