Saturday, September 19, 2009

Down on the planes.....

Today we were at the lake for my M-I-L's birthday and i sweet talked my dear sweet roll tide cheering husband into taking us to Auburn so the kids could see the campus, tailgating, and all the fun game day stuff... We did not stay as long as I would have liked due to the weather. It started raining so we left but they got to see what Auburn is all about. We saw lots of Aubies... we took them to Tiger Rags and let them pick out a shirt... they picked out "matching shirts"... God love them I have "groomed" them to want to look a like... little sweeties... We walked up and down College Street and they got their faces painted and we showed them Toomers Corner... Jackson thought it was funny that they rolled it when they won... he wanted to get some toilet paper and throw it in the trees!! And the infamous Samford Hall... We got their pictures made in front of THE sign...
And of course I had to get one with me and the kids too... This is my little "alabama fan" at heart naturally b.c his daddy is; so i was not going to buy him an auburn shirt basically b.c he has told me he only wanted to wear alabama stuff so i brought him a navy and white striped polo shirt to wear but when we got down there he changed his tune... he wanted a shirt, wanted his face painted, and bought him a shaker and was walking around shaking it and yelling warrrrr eagle... people would walk by and say warrr eagle to him and he would shake his shaker and finish it with "hey"... he was having FUN! Maybe there is hope for me after all... think i can convert him???
When we were standing at Toomer Corner he saw the bo jackson "square" and said "look mom jackson"... he had covered bo with his foot so of course i had to take a picture... sure would make me proud for him to have one of these one day with his name on it! :)
The only thing we did not get to show them and take pictures of was the stadium... it was pouring down rain so we did a drive by and i wanted to take them to momma goldburgs and get them some nachos and sweet tea but we will have to save both of those for next time.
While we were there i took a picture of the kids with my phone and sent it to my dad... he was pumped...looks like we will be going back down there this year for a game... he has longed for the day he could take little man to an auburn game... who am i kidding... i have longed for the day too!


  1. Your kids are adorable but would look much better and crimson and white! Roll Tide!

  2. Keep workin' on him ... you'll turn him into a (Pat) Dyed-in-the-wool Auburn fan before ya know it! I can't wait to take my little girl to campus one day ... WAR EAGLE!

  3. Love all the pictures! War Eagle!

  4. GO TIGERS!! I loved being on campus as a student at AU, especially game days in the fall...but I also thoroughly enjoy taking our kids down to share in the AUBURN experience!

    Your kiddos look AUsome in orange and blue! :)

  5. The picture by the sign is so cute! War Eagle!