Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The lastest craz....

Showing off the goods...
(excuse the christmas t-shirt)
We are in-style!!! Jackson came home last week talking about wanting some animal bracelets... thanks to Christy's post I knew what they were so I told him I would find him some. I heard that Smith's and Learning Express had them on Friday but not today... i think when they get them in they are gone pretty fast. Well GoGo saved the day (as always) she found some on her lunch hour at Homewood Toy and Hobby and bought them. GoGo and Grandaddy came over tonight to deliver the much anticipated surprise Jackson was so excited... he put everyone of them on right away, he is sleeping in them, and can't wait to wear them to school tomorrow. Brylee got some too but she doesn't really "care" like Jackson does... i guess they are not the "in thing" at her school? They will be tomorrow when she sports them I am sure! LOL The lady at the store told my mom this is as big if not bigger (demand wise) than beanie babies... gezzz why can't i think of something so simple and be a millionaire? In case you don't know what they are they are like jelly bracelets except they are shaped like animals.


  1. Those animal bracelets are so popular...wish I thought of the idea!!! It's crazy how fast they are selling. If your kids are like mine and think they need all the different ones you can order them online. Google animal bracelets and it takes you to a great site! Much easier=)

  2. so you know the funny thing about these... my girls have some - someone else gave them to us... but i didnt even know that they were so popular until reading this!