Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"My GoGo Made It"

I thought I would give a shout out to GoGo who has made Brylee some of the cutest little outfits lately and she has more to make. She is doing such a great job and they are so cute! I LOVE these little A-Line style tops and dresses and GoGo said they were easy to make so she started making them (for brylee only... no business here). The first one is purple and white gingham with a cheerleader on it... (no we are not LSU fans) that is her school colors and her school has some MAJOR school spirit and they all dress up in the school colors on Fridays... (this is actually the outfit that started this whole process). The second one is an a-line dress in orange and white polka dots ( i love this material). She has to wear a dress or skirt on wed. for chapel day and i was having a hard time with some dresses for this in between weather. She is going to wear this tomorrow with a white blouse but we actually matched the thread to this turtle neck for later. The last on is MY FAVORITE!!! I love the colors, the ruffle, the covered buttons, and all! I think it turned out soooo cute! Brylee wore it to school yesterday and I ask her if anyone liked her outfit and she said (in her most annoyed voice) "yyeesss... i got tired of saying thank you... i said stop telling me that"... LOL! I can't wait for her to make more of these... we have been planning out other cute colors to put together. Thanks GoGo you are doing a great job... we love them all and you too! Also, if you are local a little shout out to the monogram/applique girl i use (b.c no my mom doesn't do that part just the sewing)... I use Dawn at The Chunky Monkey... she used to be in the back of Ruff and Tuff (yes the hunting and fishing store) but she moved a few doors down... anyway she is the BEST... she is my new best friend (LOL)! Her prices are GREAT... $3 for one letter, $5 for 3 initials or name, and most of her appliques are around $7. She is very fast and gets things back to me in a few days... actually the orange polka dot dress she did for me in one day... i took it yesterday and got it today. I love that about her b.c i am not good at planning in advance. :) Richard said it is probably b.c i am paying her rent this month b.c i am using her so much! :) So there you have it... part of Brylee's fall wardrobe!

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  1. I take all my stuff to Dawn too! She's great!! Actually, when I was in there last week or the week before (??), I saw Brylee's pumpkin outfit in there hanging up behind her! ha! At the time I didn't know it was Brylee's though! Very cute!