Sunday, October 11, 2009

5K.... Check!!!!

katy and i pre-race!
Yesterday was the Race for the Cure 5k Run.... and I did it!!!! I RAN the whole things (except when I got water twice and walked to drink my water for 30 sec) which for those of you who don't know how many miles a 5K is... it is 3.2 miles!!!! Running this race was nothing short of an accomplishment for me. It was something I DID, I RAN my race, and no one did it for me! I can not tell you the mental process that happens while running a race. The first mile was great; probably a little too good; i ran it pretty fast; lots of good tunes on the ipod. The second mile was brutal; my side was hurting; I was out of breath; and did not care about the ipod tunes; it was a looonnnggg mile. As I rounded the corner to start the third mile I saw Angela pass me... that was just what I needed... having the competitive nature that I have it gave me the spark I needed to finish. I focused on her shoes and nothing else, I did not look up or beside me... I just looked down and RAN! Good tunes back on the ipod, lots of fans cheering you on. I will never forget the lady who was near the end, shaker in hand and said "baby you are almost there you can do it"... I am sure she was NOT talking just to me but it was just what I needed to hear... finish line in sight... and a slight uphill climb to the finish line and I COULD DO IT... and I DID! The race was not only an accomplishment for myself but it was also a great cause to support and be apart of... Seeing the runners with signs on their backs was also a motivation... men, women and children running in honor or in memory of their moms, grandmothers, friends, and family. I enjoyed reading the signs as I ran past people wearing them. I was there running in honor and celebration of a former colleague who was diagnosed with breast cancer this past summer and is on the road to recovery. Many of my former colleagues ran or walked in her honor. It was great to see her wearing the survivor shirt celebrating her "new life" cancer free! Katy and I did it... we RAN our first 5K together! And as if running 3 miles was not enough for the day... we also walked the 1 mile fun walk too. We finished right around 37 minutes for the 5K ... not to bad for our first time! Thanks for being my running partner... I enjoyed our day!

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  1. Way to go, Shelly!! I'm glad my shoes helped you to the finish line!!!