Thursday, October 8, 2009

What Is My Purpose?

What is my purpose? This is a question I have been reflecting on; thinking about; pondering lately. Of course there are the obvious answers to be a daughter, a wife, a mom, a co-worker, a friend… etc. But that is not what I am referring to I am referring to my purpose here on earth through my Heavenly Fathers eyes? What am I doing daily, weekly, monthly for the Kingdom? Perhaps this question has stemmed from some blogs and organizations I have recently been “introduced to”. 1. The Journey: A blog about a girl; Auntie Katie who is working daily for the Kingdom making a difference in the lives of boys and girls in Uganda. Katie is a young girl in her very early 20’s who is originally from Brentwood, TN (much like our Mt. Brook) who told her parents she wanted to take one year off between her high school and college years and go do some mission work in Uganda. Several years later she is still there. She has started an orphanage for children in Uganda; she feeds thousands of men, women, and children possibly their only meal they receive for the week; she is their doctor; their nurse; the natives look to her to help save their children from disease and even death. She has adopted 13 girls that she cares for on a daily basis and on any given day takes in other children to nurse back to health and then return them home. Most importantly she is the LIGHT in a very dark world for these men, women, and children. Her blog is truly amazing… I challenge you over time to go and read all that she has done and is doing for the Kingdom! 2.Compassion International: This is an organization that I don’t know a great deal about but definitely desire to know more. I know that it is an organization where you can financially adopt a child. Your money that you send helps provide them with the food, clothing, and supplies that they need on a monthly basis. I know it is like a pen pal kind of thing where you can write and send pictures to your adoptive child as well. Many times during the year there is a team that goes and visits the organization and blogs about their experience. I followed Audrey Caroline’s -Bring the Rain blog when she went last spring. I remember when she blogged about her son that she had financially adopted. She posted a picture of her and the little boy and wrote a post to her husband giving him the gift he had always wanted…. a son. WOW! Kelly from Kelly’s Corner is also going in November and I can not wait to read about her experience. Maybe one day I will get enough “hits” on my blog to go and be apart of an organization that is working daily for the Kingdom and blog about my life changing experience too. 3. Neverthirst: This is a foundation that I am so excited to be apart of and to learn more about as well. Neverthirst is an organization that essentially digs clean water wells in Sudan, India, and the African Republic. Remember my brown shirt One Billion Reasons Why? that I had on Saturday at Mt. Laurel. Well that shirt is basically “advertisement” for this organization because being a member of the BBTN team we have made a financial commitment to dig a water well in Africa. We also encourage people at our shows to donate $20.00 to the foundation because….. are you ready for this….. $20.00 will PROVIDE water for one person for 20 years!!!!! $20.00 folks!!!!! Can you believe that???? It really made me think about how often I spend $20.00 for something that we really don’t need and certainly is not as important as CLEAN WATER! I mean that is basically cutting out ONE meal to McDonalds or Chick fil A for my family… and GIVING someone CLEAN WATER to drink for 20 years! As I put my $20.00 in the can on Saturday I could not help but think about and pray for the person that would be getting clean water… something so simple that I totally take for granted. I challenge you to seek with me about your purpose and to have a desire to live for the Kingdom. I am sure it would be easy for Katie, the folks at Compassion International, and Spencer and the Neverthirst board to live out their purpose but instead they are living out God's purpose for their life and making a difference in lives of many many people. I am not naive enough to think that God's purpose for all of lives it foreign missions, building orphanages, or digging water wells.... but i do think we are called to seek out our purpose and if that is to give then we give; if it is to go then we go; or even if it is just to pray then we pray.

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