Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun Fall Festivities....

Saturday was the annual Mt. Laurel Fall Festival... what an AWESOME fall day it was! The weather was amazing not too hot not too cold. People, kids, characters, vendors, friends and families were everywhere... it was a great place to be for sure.
I wore several "hats" that day... i worked for BBTN in the morning for a few hours and enjoyed putting so many names with faces and helping so many people pick out super cute clothes for their precious little ones. I also set up our bow booth and worked that in the afternoon and ran back and forth in the morning helping Sherry when she would get swamped. My favorite moment was when she sent me a text that said "almost out of ones (meaning money)" and we were only a booth apart... LOL! Love it!
It truly was a great day and what a great town to be apart of... i can not tell you how excited I am to be out there each week working... i just love that little town... so fun! Maybe one day we can move out there... but not until after my kids reach the 4th grade... can't swap schools! ha!
Me and My Sweet Friend Sherry!
We used to teach together when I though Kindergarten and during our teaching times we decided to start making and selling hair bows and I am so grateful for that... God always has a plan... He knew we would not be teaching together forever but yet had a plan for our friendship!
My sweet friend, I enjoyed spending the day with you and what a great afternoon of chatting and catching up we had in between customers! Always know I am praying for you and know that God's plan is way better than anything we could ever dream of! Hugs!
*** Check back later this week for a post about my shirt... 1 billion reasons why!!! I hope it will touch your heart and inspire you as well!
Changing gears... hang on... total opposite subject here....
After a wonderful day out at Mt. Laurel.... we spent the evening celebrating my mom's birthday! We had a great time... mexican food and then off to see Alan Jackson in concert! It was a little chilly but it was a great night to be outside, listening to some great music with the fair lights in the background! Fun Times! Happy Birthday Mom!!!
mom, me, & karen (aka KK... my aunt)

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