Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brylee Family Birthday Party

Tonight we celebrated Brylee's 5th Birthday with our Family.
She picked out EVERYTHING! She picked where she wanted to go eat, including what she would have for her "birthday cake", what she wanted to do, who was going to be there, and what everyone was going to get her for a present. She is such a planner ( i don't know where she gets that from?)
Where to Eat: She wanted to go to the mall and eat "in the middle" aka The Food Court. So to the food court at the mall we all went (barf... all the adults we "so excited"... but it wasn't our birthday so we all went with a smile on our face and ate some yummy fast food). She wanted to go to the cookie company and get cookies... but not a big one b/c Harper doesn't like chocolate so we all got our own. I ask them to put icing on hers so i could put candles in it. She did not want a cake. What she wanted to do: After we ate; she wanted her, jackson and harper to ride the carousal so they did... twice. Then she wanted to go shopping so she went to the Game Store and bought a new dc game for her dc. They also rode the little video game "rides" there at the mall too! Who was going to be there: She "invited" all the people she wanted to come... Mommy, Daddy & Jackson; GoGo & Grandaddy; Nonnie, KK, and Harper T (her boyfriend)... and last night she was with GoGo and Grandaddy and told GoGo we forgot to invite Mrs. Cathy, Mr. Randy, and Patrick... so GoGo and Brylee called them and invite them too. I did not know they were "added to the list" until today... and of course everyone came. How could they not right?Everyone was so sweet to come, eat tasty fast food and cookies, watch them ride the carousal and bring all the "right presents". What everyone was suppose to get her: She was at Nonnie's house one Saturday and they got on the Toys R Us website and made a birthday list of all the things she wanted and who was "suppose" to buy them. She kept up with that list for a month and when someone would ask her what she wanted she told them what present was beside their name. And low and behold everyone did just as they were "told".
Mommy and Daddy: A Cheer leading Outfit (mommy does the shopping so we got Auburn :) I can assure Daddy and Nonnie would have bought Alabama)
Jackson wanted to get her something so I got a Disney Princess Phone for him to give her... she loves those things and we only have about 10 but what is one more. :) Go Go and Grandaddy: A Pink Nintendo DS!!!! She was so excited! She loves to play Jackson's and she was counting down the days until she got her own. When she was at GoGo and Grandaddy's last night she saw it all wrapped up and she kept saying "it's my DS, it's my DS"... Grandaddy kept playing a trick on her and telling her it was sewing stuff for her sewing machine. She would give him her signature Brylee look (you know the one like it better not be) and would tell him "your not suppose to tell me". Little Stinker!Nonnie: A Ring... Brylee had been wanting some jewelry like mommy so Nonnie and her decided on a ring. Who better to buy a ring for her than Nonnie... she always bought me jewelry growing up since she had boys and they don't really wear jewelry (LOL). I am so glad she is continuing the tradition with Brylee. She got her a pretty pink ring (which is her birthstone) and her favorite color. KK: Dora Art Set and Coloring Books... KK and Brylee love to do art projects together... so who better to give her art stuff but KK. She can't wait to break it out and use it!
Mr. Randy, Mrs. Cathy, and Patrick: Umbrella and Rain Boots... bless Mrs. Cathy's heart she looked everywhere for some and no one had matching umbrella and rain boots in her size... so they gave her money for me to find some. She is all about money... so of course she loved that!
So is 5 too young to go on your first date? I mean I hear things are starting earlier and earlier so I guess 5 years old is the new 16? Ha... just kidding!
But Brylee sure did take her "boyfriend" with her to her family birthday celebration. We even picked him up, took him with us to the mall for all the fun, and them brought him back home. They rode "in the way far back" aka third row seat together and played DS, laughed and talked the whole way there. They were too cute; holding hands through the mall (just so i would not loose them).
Well, the real "reason" Harper came tonight with us is b.c Brylee's birthday party is Sat and we are having a tea party which is a "girls only thing" so her "stipulation" for "agreeing" to having that kind of party was that her and harper got to do something for her birthday so i told her we would bring him along for the family birthday. So we did!
Harper was too sweet tonight. They are just the best of friends. They are not in school together this year and they miss each other so much. Thank goodness for Wed. and Sun. at church. They get so excited when they see each other on Wed. nights at church. They sit beside each other to eat, go to the library together, play on the playground together until their class starts and then follow each other around during class. On Sundays they were not in the same class b.c of their birthdays and they could not handle being "separated" so we moved her over to his class (good thing we have connections:) ha! Tonight was no different they were all about each other.
He also gave her a great present but i don't have a picture of it... however we plan on opening and using it tomorrow after school. It will be a super cute post so you will have to check back! I will tell you that he knows exactly how to pamper "his girl"! :)
We had a great time! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you sweet family and friends for coming out tonight and helping make Brylee's 5th birthday absolutely so special! I don't know what we would do without each and everyone of you. I don't think you all know how special you are to us and how much we love each and everyone of you! Brylee (we are too for that matter) is such a lucky girl to have so many people that love her and want her to have the best birthday ever! You all are the BEST! We love you so much!!!


  1. So sweet Shelly!! What a special birthday=)

  2. How cute! Such a girl to have everything planned out. I agree, 5 seems so old and big. I can't believe Bent is almost 2 and Carter will be 5 in April. Where does the time go? Hope she has fun this weekend.

  3. My feelings are hurt.. I wasn't on the invite list..=) love all the pics.. sweet baby girl is growing up and I remember rocking her to sleep in her little room like it was yesterday. I know you do too..