Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brylee's 5th Birthday Morning!!!

Today was a fun morning at our house... especially since Brylee is typically not a morning person... but she was today! She was all into her birthday this morning! We make a pretty big deal about birthdays at our house. We always have something sweet to eat for breakfast, put a candle in it, place it on the special birthday plate, and sing happy birthday on their birthday morning.
My big 5 year old baby girl!
Blowing out the candle...
Brylee loves to get birthday calls (i mean who doesn't right?) and this morning she would get so excited when the phone would ring. She would say "someone is calling me" and answer my phone and just smile as the other person sang or told her happy birthday. Here she is headed out the door in her super cute birthday git-up! I thought she looked so cute in her skirt, tights, shoes and birthday girl shirt! She had a great birthday at school. She look pink cupcakes and goodies bags to all her friends. She said "they called my name over the school and told me Happy Birthday" (during announcements). She also said everyone kept telling me Happy Birthday... how did they all know?? Well maybe it was your shirt... but just a guess? So fun! When we were coming home we turned in the neighborhood and she said "Oooo lets check the mail and see how many birthday cards I got"... ( i was thinking i sure hope there is some in there) and sure enough she got 2. Then she said "Ooooo lets she how much money I got" (again i was thinking I sure hope there is some money in there) and sure enough there was. Lee, Jami, Morgan, and Baby Avery sent her 5 one dollar bills... she was so excited! She said "5 things at the dollar tree... whoo hoo"! Then the other card was from Granny and she had 2 one dollar bills in it... so then she counted her dollars and said "I can get 7 things at the dollar tree"! If you can't tell she LOVES the dollar tree. Then we pulled up the driveway and there was a pink bag hanging on the garage door. I said "look brylee i think you have another prize". She got a princess video game from her cousins zac and katie. So needless to say she was beside herself with excitement about all her prizes. Thank you all so much for remembering brylee on her birthday and sending her money, cards, and prizes. It truly made her afternoon!

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  1. So cute! Happy Birthday Brylee. I also love that you have a picture of every year from the pumpkin patch. That is neat to look back!