Saturday, December 25, 2010

Meet Bethany and Phil

Meet our new elves Bethany and Phil!We have Jordan Lee but he was not a "touchy elf" and Jackson and Brylee have talking about "touchy elves" and all the people that brought them to school for weeks. Well we told them that Santa only sent one kind of elf and that is the elf we got. So last week GoGo called and told them that a girl at her work told her that they were out delivering elves and you were to put crackers and water on your kitchen table and leave the house and Santa might deliver "touchy elves". So daddy had to run an errand to the hardware store so jackson and brylee went with him and when they got back the crackers and water were gone and Bethany and Phil (whose santa given name was Gaylord... but Jackson did not like that name) were on the kitchen table. They were so excited!!!! They have carried those little elves everywhere and the elves even unwrapped presents, got in the refrigerator, and threw panties and boxers on the christmas tree. They are a dangerous duo for sure!
They even wrote Santa a note and ask him to leave them until New Years Eve since they had only had them for a few days and Santa was nice and said he would! What was Santa thinking! :) We have a blast with these little elves and Jordan Lee who they quickly forgot about once Phil and Bethany arrived.... kind of sad! He was our first little elf! :)

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