Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lookie, Lookie, Lookie...

what my neighbor let me barrow!!!!
I am so excited that i have treadmill at home and i don't have to run outside in the freezing cold or rain or snow and I don't have to go to the gym... although going to the gym and using their shower, bathroom products, and warm towels and then "throwing them in the hole for someone else to wash" is nice (i heart 119) but it just adds another hour to my running so having a treadmill here just makes things a little easier!
I am still running and it has almost been a month...i am so proud of my self... i ran another 5 miles last sunday... and this weekend i am moving up to 6 miles... gulp! I got to run the 5 miles with my sweet running buddies and it is so nice to run with someone else even though i could not keep up with them... they run a lot faster than me but i am working on that... the treadmill is helping me with my pace... I was running on the treadmill at about a 4.5 (speed) and wondering why it was "taking me so long" ... remember i have no idea what i am doing... :) and then i found out i needed to be running at about a 6... well that makes a bit of a difference so i have been TRYING to run on a 6.... of course tuesday was 4 miles and i just cracked the ole treadmill right on up to 6... well that was probably was not the best idea... i was about to die so i had to move it back down.... and then my dear ole hubby says why don't you GRADUALLY move up to a 6... oh yeah well that might be better... you know me and my no clue self and i am a 0 to 100 person too... there are no baby steps in my world! :)
Update on Richard:
* First of all, I am overwhelmed at how much all of (you) our sweet friends and family care so much for us. I get tears in my eyes just thinking about all the calls, emails, texts, (and comments) and people just seeing us out asking and checking on him and telling us ya'll have been praying for us. It really means a lot to both of us that each of you have shown so much concern... we greatly appreciate it! Thank you and keep those prayers coming! :)
*I don't really have much to report except that he has a drs. appointment next thurs ( a week from tomorrow) with the cardiologist... that was the first apt i could get when i called monday... gezz do we really have to wait 10 LONG days before we know something??? So if you remember say a little prayer for us next Thursday morning... even though i really don't think we are going to know anything that day either... probably going to have to wait until after the stress test before we really know something but we will see! :)
Happy Hump Day!!!! We are expecting some SNOW tonight... and guess what we have no milk or bread because i think the weather men are going to be WRONG again... i guess we will have to wait and see! :)

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  1. Shelly...I am just catching up on your blog ...let me know if you need anything! I can always help out...we will be praying for your family!