Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fancy Nancy Party!

Brylee's friend Abbie had a Fancy Nancy Birthday Party at Mae Dolls in Crestline Village! So we found all our fancy nancy attire and accessories and got all dressed up for the party!
Here is "Fancy Brylee" :)
At the party they made little stuffed animals aka posh pets and took them to "the nursery" and fixed them all up! Then they all did a little "fashion show" up and down the run way... one of the girls was ask to do a cheer so some of the other cheerleaders went up their to do the cheer bang bang choo choo train! all the fancy nancy's and their posh pets...
then they went into the party room and had cupcakes, candy and pink lemonade...
the party was a cute idea and i think the girls had fun for the most part but the girl in charge is not very kid friendly... she seems to rush the girls through every activity and it was just all about what she wanted to do... when they were eating she would say hurry up and one of the girls wanted to keep her opened sucker and she would not let her... who can finish a sucker in 10 minutes while eating a cupcake, ice cream, and drinking lemonade. Then she would not let abbie open her present in the party room... apparently it says it on their website that there is no time for presents... i have never been to a party place that doesn't give you time for presents... she simply said "no sorry your party time is up... you only get an hour"... so we had to go outside and open presents on the curb and it was a little chilly in the shade too! Also you pay for the number of kids that you make the party reservation for... you better hope they come b.c you pay even if they don't and you don't get to make the extra stuffed animals... b.c there is not time! :) I know I act like i paid for the party but i was just really disappointed in the place b.c i heard how cute it was and the idea was really cute! :)
The owner told us that she was selling the place and the new owners were taking over this month maybe they will be a little more friendly! ;)
I would say if you are thinking about planning a party there... ask a bunch of questions and make sure you are happy with what you get! :)

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  1. brylee is way too cute!!! i love hearing your take on things crack me up.. glad to know the truth but very sad bc it seems like a cute concept.... new owner huh?? i'll have to do some investigating...