Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Birthday KK!!!

Saturday was KK's (my mom's sister) birthday so we all went to eat at The Seafood Chicken Box... which brylee kept calling it The Seafood Chicken POX... :) ha ha! It was so good.... i think they have THE.BEST. FRIED. CHICKEN!!!! I forgot my camera :( but thankfully my photographer in training had hers in the car... so all the pictures are compliments of brylee and her camera! :)
the crew at dinner...
Then we all went bowling... we all had the best time bowling... it has been a long time since my parents and KK have been bowling. We have been with the kids but it has been a long time since we have been bowling with people who can actually bowl without the gutter guards! :) So well had a great laugh!
And Jackson was beating us all and talking all kinds of smack... doing a little dance calling himself the bowling champ! Well he got a little dose of his own medicine when we all came back and beat him! GoGo beat us all, then daddy, mommy, jackson, kk, brylee and then poor grandaddy... however grandaddy missed his first 2 bowls b.c he went to get some medicine and jackon and brylee rolled gutter balls for him so he really did not have a fair chance! :)
happy birthday KK!!!!
my two monkeys who can't look the same direction....
then we went back to gogo and grandaddy's to sing happy birthday and eat cupcakes from edgers... yummy! :)

Happy Birthday KK!

We hope you had a fun night and a Happy Birthday!

We love you lots!!!

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