Saturday, June 11, 2011

Girl's Night Out at the Beach...

we were planning to head home early evening but when plans were made for a guys night and a girls night we of course had to stay... :) the girls went to dinner at Harry T's and then went shopping at the Harbor Walk... they guys went to eat and ride go carts....
We got to sit outside and watch the sunset at Harry T's and it was beautiful! all the girls... minus kamilla who was taking the picture
brylee and kamilla...
brylee sat by kamilla and the waiter kept thinking that brylee was kamilla's child and kept asking kamilla if brylee wanted more drink and about her food... it kept embarrassing kamilla... partly b.c kamilla thought our waiter was cute and b.c obviously she was not her child... ha... we all got a good laugh from that... brylee loves kamilla so much! :)brylee by the docks...brylee found her a new pet... ha! :)We had great night with the girls... we payed for it about 1:00am when we were still driving home... rp and i were so tired... but it was worth the memories and the two kids that slept the whole way home! :)
We had a great beach vacation and I can not wait to go back! A trip to the beach is just never long enough! :)
{scroll on down... lots of updates... i am FINALLY finished with our beach trip}

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  1. It looks like a super fun trip!! You will have to give me a list of all the best places to eat at the beach for when we go at the end of the month!