Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last Day at the Beach...

our last day at the beach {always a sad day} we went to destin to spend the day with our friends the franklin's and the davis'... we had so much fun with them that day... it made leaving even harder... which is why we did not leave until 9:30pm and did not get home until almost 2:00am... more on that later...
all the kids had a great time in the ocean....
brylee ABSOLUTELY LOVES Kamilla {ray and mandy's exchange student}... she is always the only girl with all the boys {jackson cole and anthony} but since Kamilla has been here brylee is not "boy trapped" as she calls it... never mind that there is a 12 year age difference... she is still brylee's "BFF" when we are with them... what are we going to do when she leaves... we are going to miss her so much! :( kamilla and brylee posing on the beach...this was kamilla's idea... if it had been my idea there is no way she would have done it... but kamilla... she was all about it! :)
the little boys and the big boys playing "the ladder game"! after a day at the beach... we went to the and b :)
ray explaining how to play marco polo... ha! :)then they played a "mean" game of gator... ha :)
it has been years since i have played or really even remembered these pool games... but the kids had a great time playing! we had a great time with the franklin's and the davis'... the kids were so glad to play with their buddies on the beach and at the pool! :)

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