Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brylee the Super Star....

Today was a day Brylee has been looking forward to since school started! The day she would be Super Star of the Day!!! When you are the Super Star you get to bring 3 things from home to share with the class (like show and tell) and you get to fill out a questionnaire about yourself to share with the class! :-) It is a BIG deal! Ha! :) Brylee took her baby doll, an auburn t-shirt, and pictures of us in "the super star bag"! A few of her questionnaire highlights were: she wanted to be a hair stylist when she grows up, her earrings are her favorite thing about herself, and if she had one wish she would wish to be a princess and live in a castle like Cinderella! :-)
I am so glad she was looking forward to today! Those days are few and far between. She is still not enjoying school or her teacher! She still comes home everyday talking about how hard she tried to make it to the top of the chart (red) and even if she is on orange yellow or green (which are still "good") she is not happy! She is putting so much pressure on herself! She says her teacher "is strict" and that she "doesn't like her"! It is sad! I hate that she doesn't feel loved and accepted at school by her teacher! ;-( We are continuing to focus on the good things about school and working on finding one exciting thing to look forward to. We are having lots of talks about just doing your best and not trying to be perfect! Hopefully things will continue to get better!!! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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