Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What happened to September...

What happen to September???
How is it almost October???
I know I am going to blink my eye and it is going to be Christmas morning... like tomorrow!!!
Welcome to the"busy season"in our household....
Can someone please tell me what i am going to do with myself when i am not at a ball field???
I don't think I remember what that is like? :)
Or possibly what it is like to buy groceries, cook, and actually eat at home
because i can sure tell you what concession stand and fast food taste like...
I can also tell you a box of dish washing detergent will last you a long time when you don't cook...
and your house stays pretty clean but your laundry piles up... b.c you aren't here to mess up your house nor are you here to wash clothes...b.c you come home from one place change clothes and go to another... it's great fun! Glad i am not a home body!
In all seriousness... it rained one day/night which in turn canceled all outside activities and that was the VERY. FIRST. TIME. we have all came home from school/work and did not have to go to any practices or games since AUGUST 1st.... seriously i cooked chili and brownies... it was like a celebration... we all ate dinner at home at the same time...homework was done and the kids had baths and were in bed and it was still daylight... i am pretty sure i heard angels singing the hallelujah chorus...only one more month of this craziness and i will be home free and probably bored! :)
OK so here is what we have been up too...
Jackson & Richard, Cole & Wesley, and Ray & Anthony all scored some free tickets to the Alabama vs North Texas football game... we kept it as a surprise for Jackson and did not tell him until he was about to leave... he was so excited and they all had a great time playing football on the quad, walking around campus, tailgating with friends, and of course watching the game... they were kind enough to send me two pictures! :)
Roll Tide!
We celebrate Granny's Birthday with a cookout and ice cream cake at our house!
Happy Birthday Granny!
Fall Baseball is in full swing. Jackson is playing on 2 teams right now...
He is playing on a regular fall baseball team at the park and
then he is playing on a travel ball team with some of his all-star buddies...
He is enjoying playing!
Jackson completed his first school project of the year and i am happy to say everyone came out alive... he turned in a nice project and I did not loose my mind b.c i am a perfectionist and he is not! :)
Brylee is starting to enjoy school.... thank you Jesus! I am not sure what the turning point was but I am VERY thankful for it. I know lots of prayer for sure and thanks to GoGo's sweet Bible Study group who have been praying for her! :) She also got "off the chart" which is better than all the colors on the chart... yippie ky yea! And the mom that teachers GA's with me on Wed nights at church son had her for a teacher last year and she talked to brylee and told her that her son was on green a lot mainly b.c she (being the teacher) forgets to move the clips up... it is easy for her to catch you being "bad" but it is harder to catch you being "good" so not to worry about trying to make it all the way up the chart or off the chart everyday. So between all of this she seems to be enjoying it! :) This dumb... i mean fantastic behavior chart... it is a memory for sure! gezzz... more like a thorn in my side but memory none the less! :)
My after school bunch! My nephew Zac comes home from school and stays with us in the afternoons... this particular day i brought them CC cookies home from the mall... Jackson and Brylee were all smiles... Zac looks thrilled don't you think?? Gezzz... one of my goals it to teach this child to SMILE for a picture... come on buddy it is not hard! :)
And just for laughs... because OMG my life would be so dull and boring without this little monster... he may send me to the looney bin one day but love him to death...
These were his dollar section "prizes" from Tar-Jay... only jackson would pick these items! :)
And last but not least Cheer Picture Day... Can someone please tell me how i ended up with the jolly green giant?
gezz our kids are going to be taller than us when they are in 5th grade...
someone ask me at cheer picture day "where does brylee get her height from?"
and i thought well i did not think that she was that tall...
until i put her next to all your shorties... :) ha!
Cheer Chicks...Well that pretty much catches us up!
Lots of fun going on around here!
** we had "chelsea" family pictures made... see header for a few... and i have been working on posting the slide show of them and for the life of me can't figure it out :(... but i am not giving up yet... Leisha did a great job and i love them all... hopefully i can get it working soon! :) **
PS... you win a prize if you made it this far! :)

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