Friday, October 21, 2011

Brylee's Family Birthday Party....

After Brylee's Birthday Party, the boys joined us and we all walked over to Stones Throw to celebrate Brylee's birthday as a family!
Happy Birthday to our Baby Girl!
As you can see, she ended up with tons more birthday loot!
she got peace sign sheets, pj's and her much anticipated PINK DSi from gogo and grandaddy, peace sign stickers, mini Tupperware, and Pinkalicious DS game from Granny and PapPap, pj's and a savings bond from Nannie, Hello Kitty Pencil "thingy" from KK, Bitty Baby clothes and accessories from Nonnie and Poppie, and a pink DS case from her cousins Katie and Zac (this is totally for me so I can remember not b.c I want you to really know what brylee got for her birthday... b.c lets face it this is our families scrapbook)
Brylee had a great time with all her family and our food and dessert was delish as always!
brylee and katie grandaddy, sissy girl friend, and gogo nonnie and little poohkk, brylee, and nannie family picture take 1... (jackson being a dork :))family picture take 2... we love you bry bry! gogo and her brylee girl..kk, bry, and gogogranny, punkin, and granny
Happy Birthday Brylee Girl!!!

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