Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jackson's Fall Ball 2011

Jackson played fall baseball on Sunday afternoons this fall. He had fun playing with his baseball buddies... we had their team party at the park after their last game and they all got medals and cookie cake... what will we do on sundays now that we aren't going to be at the ball park! :) i also have to document this memory... notice he is wearing an all star jersey and not a fall ball jersey... well lets just say... when mom is not home when said baseball player comes home and changes after his first game... there is no guarantee that said baseball jersey will be found... how do you loose a baseball jersey??? i guess i am thankful that we were chelsea blue and that we have enough chelsea blue shirts to share with half of chelsea! and guess what... we found the basbeall jersey last friday and fall ball is over... of course we would! gezzzz
JP and his medal....
Our Chelsea Blue Fall Ball Team...
notice we not the only one in a different jersey...
let me give you a heads up... silly putty doesn't come out of a baseball jersey either
boys... what will we do with them????
Baseball Buddies...Jackson man i love to see you play ball... i can't wait until I can watch you again!

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