Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012 The Story of Brylee...

  • Greeting from Children's Hospital! This is not exactly how we had planned on spending our weekend but we are thankful our baby girl is getting the care she needs!
  • Wednesday afternoon Brylee came home from school complaining of her stomach hurting! But she said it was not bad enough to miss church. She continued to complain during the middle of the night and she began to vomit.
  • On Thursday we went to see her ped. She was not running a fever! They checked her stomach and several labs were ran; her white blood count was only up to 17 and 15 is normal. Her strep was negative. Her sinus xray showed some cloudiness so she was diagnosed with a sinus infection. She still complained if her stomach hurting but she was sleeping lots. I have total faith in my ped and honestly did not feel it was anything more than a sinus infection and that the mucus drainage was making her feel sick! She was able to get on and off the table at the drs. office and was walking fine!
  • She stayed home Friday and continued to complain of her stomach hurting. Then she began to run a fever! My children NEVER run a fever!!! When they do i know they are bad sick!!! She was having difficulty walking and would not eat at all! I started suspecting that we may be dealing with appendicitis and after talking with the ped again we decided to take her to Children's to see what was going on and why a sinus infection was making her stomach hurt this bad!
  • After a few hours in the ER and after running more labs; finding that her white blood count was up to 22 and that her fever had not and was not breaking with meds they ordered her to have a CT scan! At this time they also gave her some morphine for the pain... Boy did that lighten the mood and bring on some laughs!
  • Low and behold the CT scan showed that she had appendicitis! So they came in and said we will be taking it out! Then a few minutes later they came back in and said well it is perforated (aka ruptured) and we will not be doing surgery tonight!
  • Instead you will be going upstairs and staying a while! The doctor said we would probably be here 7 to 10 days and could possibly be here 6 weeks! Let's hope and pray that is not the case! This is when I lost it and still have a hard time typing it now without tearing up! I think the hard part for me is I know how long 7 to 10 days is in a hospital and she really doesn't! But we are just taking it one day at a time and praying she gets well soon!
  • She is on iv antibiotics and morphine every 3 hrs for pain! The overall goal is for the antibiotics to heal the perforated appendix enough so that they can then remove it! But they can not do surgery at this time b/c of the perforation!
  • At this time (i think) We are looking at staying here on iv antibiotics, then going home on antibiotics, and then having surgery! But I have found out that you don't get a whole lot of info, info changes quickly, and The dr was in here this morning for about 37 secs! She can't have any food or drinks; however the dr did say she could have sprite!!! That was music to her little ears! Since her last real meal was wed night and she has only had ice chips since then sprite was a BIG deal!
  • I think that is pretty much it! I will keep this updated with what is going on!
  • I can not thank you all enough for the emails, calls, text, Facebook messages and most of all Prayers!!!! We greatly appreciate it!!! You all are so sweet to offer to help and bring things and at this time we are good... We don't need one thing except your PRAYERS!
  • It is no fun for your baby girl to be in pain and have to go through all this! I know it could have been so much worse and I am so thankful we have a wonderful hospital like children's to take good care of her! And most of all I am thankful for the Great Physician.... HE is taking good care of my baby!

Brylee's sweet friend Mattie came to visit her!

Praying for Brylee!


  1. Shelly, I can't stop thinking about you!! Our stay at Children's last year was less than 7 hours but still scary all the same!! My prayers are with you and Brylee and Jackson is praying for his sweet friend too!!! Hopefully I can come see you guys soon and bring some goodies! We love you and PLEASE CALL if you need ANYTHING!! Love, The Laughlin's

  2. This is Kati Czachowski's mother, Debra McDaniel. I had the same thing happen to me Dec. 9. My appendix had ruptured and my body was filled with infection. I almost died! I was so thankful to have Kati by my side taking care of me. I could not have done it without her. I was so thankful to have 2 weeks of Christmas vacation so that I didn't have to miss 6 weeks of teaching 2nd grade with my precious students. And then my mother had a massive stroke and went to be with Jesus Thursday night.Again I could not have made it without Kati by my side. I will be praying for you and Brylee throughout this ordeal. Our Lord and Savior is the Great Physician and I will also pray for quick healing and a speedy recovery.

    Love in Christ,

  3. Praying for Brylee and your family. We've not dealt with appendicitis, but when Heather was 2-about 12, her asthma was severe and we would spend about a week in the hospital at least 2 or 3 times a year. The drs and nurses are wonderful and try to cater to your needs. Be sure and ask about all the stuff they have. They have someone that runs a hair salon there and she can go get more beautiful!! It is a great place if you have to be in the hospital, but no place is like home.
    Love & Prayers,
    Missy Hanks & Family

  4. Shelly, This is Lucy's mom, Carrie. I think we have met before through some mutual friends, but I just wanted you to know we are thinking about sweet Brylee! Lucy has been telling me that she has been out of school and is very sick (found your blog link on your fb page) She will say, Brylee is still absent, she is so sick mama! and then she told me they made cards for her at school. We are praying for your sweet baby girl and hope she gets better and can come home soon!