Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Update on Brylee

Good Sunday Morning! When the doctor came in this morning I all but tackled him and duct taped him to the chair and pelted him with my list of question I had written down! :-) Brylee is really about the same this morning. They have her comfortable by giving her tylenol, Motrin, and morphine. She actually made it five hrs 2 times yesterday between the morphine which is great! She has begun having some nausea so they are giving her meds for that too! Due to all the meds, she pretty much sleeps on and off all day! Poor baby! She spikes a fever throughout the day... Yesterday it got as high as 103 but they got that under control and she was fever free for about 12 to 18 hrs yesterday but she is back running a fever this morning of 101. So hopefully we can get that under control again today! Since we are on the weekend we have "second string" doctors coming in! So with that said we are still on the same plan as yesterday. The nurse we had last night was fantastic! He gave us lots of answers and told us what he thought the next few days and weeks looked like for us! He told us how normal this is... Seriously?!? They have had about 50 kids since January in here with appendicitis and about half of them are perforated like Brylee's! He said she is right "on track" with how this all goes down so that made me feel better! We will be here on the antibiotic iv until the infection has cleared up enough to where she is pain free. She will also needs to be able to eat, pee and poop (yes that is the exact words the dr. used :)) Once all those things are done then we can go home! **** if I had to pick my number 1 prayer request that is what I would ask all of you to pray for!**** This is what takes around 7 to 10 days! We are also looking at getting a picc line in soon; which is how she will "eat"! and we will go home with that! I love all things that come from their mouth that indicate home and pain free! I think that is about it! Pray that my baby girls will become pain free off her meds, that the antibiotics will clear up her infection, and that she will be responsive to the picc line and begin to eat and use the bathroom regularly! I simply CAN NOT thank each of you enough! Your prayers are all we need!!! We have the absolute best church family, community, family and friends anyone could ask for! Thank you so much for everything you have done for us! We appreciate it more than you know! Praying for Brylee!!!! (sorry if these post are all over the place I am writing them on phone) - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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