Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Break

The week after Christmas I had to work most of the week since this is our busy time getting things all ready for our spring season so Daddy Day Care was in full force this week. When I would get off we would meet and try and do something fun as a family each night! And i managed to forget my camera the whole time so all i have it my trusty iphone pics... Tuesday night we went to iJump and they enjoyed riding the go carts, climbing the rock wall, and playing on all the jumpy things!!!

jackson was so proud of himself that he climbed all three sides of the rock wall and rang the bell!
Wednesday Night we went to eat at Long Horn compliments of Daddy's Class who hooked us up with a nice gift card and then went to Tree Top and played lots of video games with are gift cards from lane and missy (thanks again for the cards)...

i only seemed to get a picture of jackson man... he was pumped b.c he won 200 tickets on deal or no deal... and of course they love spending all their tickets on junk; i mean treasures... :)
Friday we went to see the new Alvin and Chipmucks movie and to eat at zoes... dave and i have a lot in common b.c jackson and alvin seem to have a lot in common too! :) and of course the 5th member of our family...
that has been everywhere with us since Christmas...
at least she behaves and it nice and quiet! :)
and friday night daddy and I got a DATE NIGHT!!!!!!
we had a great time having dinner and listen to the band with our baseball buddies...
but we realized we are getting old... ha!
we are not as young as we used to be...
we can't hang with the whippersnappers
but it sure was fun... spending time with each other
and people watching... wow! some people need to look in the mirror before they go out!
thanks gogo and grandaddy for keeping the kiddos!!!!
We had a great Christmas Holidays... spending time with each other and enjoying our laid back routine!!!!! I am pretty sad our staying up late and sleeping late days are over... i could get used to starting my day at 9 or 10! :)

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