Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Update

The doctors came in this morning and the plan of action remains the same!

She will be getting a PIC line most likely today which is basically an iv inside her arm as opposed on the outside!

We are seeing small improvements each day! Her fever is under control so that is good news that the antibiotic is working!

She has been throwing up a few times a day which is the most pitiful thing... I pray that stops soon! Bless her heart it is no fun! They give her meds for nausea and that usually knocks her out!

She is also still on the morphine but is making it longer between times she needs it. Yesterday she made it 6 hours in between dosages! Which is good news because that also mean the antibiotic is doing its job to heal the appendix!

She pretty much sleeps 23 of the 24 hours.... She wakes up a few minutes here and there but that is it!

Yesterday when she was all perky brylee and I posted the picture of her smiling was the best 30 minutes we have had since Wednesday! I hope and pray we get one of those everyday! Her good time was right after church let out yesterday... We know it was all those people praying for Brylee!

Her tummy is pretty swollen and hopefully that will start to subside soon. They said walking would help that but sister wants no part of that! Walking to the bathroom two times a day is about all she will do! ;-)

We spent a little time in the hall last night (on code T) due to the storms so sleep for daddy and I was not that great but thankfully brylee slept right through it!

I think that is about it! She is such a little trooper! She has been so brave and has not cried one time! That is more than her mommy can say! ;-) Apparently she has a high pain tolerance... I never would have thought that from my little drama queen but all the nurses brag about it!

We are just continuing to pray she shows improvement daily and that her meds do the job and that her little body will be healed soon!

Thank you again for all your prayers, text, fb messages, calls, and visits! I can not tell you how much all of your concern for our baby girl means to us!

We love you all dearly!

Praying for Brylee!

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