Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012 Monday Pictures...

Today was a really good day! We had lots of first today and we are making baby steps!
This morning Brylee perked up and talked to us in complete sentences for about 30 minutes... which was so much better than the head nods and shakes or thumbs up which is what we having been getting. Then she ask to see some of her prizes that all our sweet friends and family have brought her. She even wrote her name and drew a picture on her paper and dry erase board. That was a nice surprise! Her IV is in her right arm and she is right handed so she had to write with her left hand which made it a little bit hard but she still enjoyed it!The nurses have been trying to talk her into getting up and walking the halls but she has not been interested... she normally walks to the bathroom about 2 or 3 times a day and that is it. So today they told her if she walked up the hall and back they would reward her with a special treat! And she did it!!! Such a brave little girl... I know she looks miserable in the picture b.c she is still in pain when she walks but she was such a trooper! As we were walking out the door Cousin Olivia and Uncle Donnie were there and she got to walk the halls and "talk" with Olivia!
And look at her reward she got...a Popsicle... this is the first "food item" she has had in 5 days!!!
Big Deal!!!!
Our last surprise of the day as a visit from the clowns... they were so sweet and funny. She enjoyed them so much! They gave her some fish stickers to put on her "aquarium" aka IV bag, some boo boo stickers and a pillow case. So sweet! And most of all just brought a smile on my baby's face! They will come visit daily and she is already talking about them coming tomorrow!

Brylee is making progress and each day gets better and better. I am loving these little 15 to 30 minute times when she is herself... but because she is so week and on so many meds it wears her out to do the least little things and then she sleeps the rest of the time.

I am rejoicing tonight in the small things and thanking God for answered prayers... my baby girl is getting better and that I am so grateful for!

Keep praying for her... God is hearing our prayers... He is the Great Physician!!!!

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