Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012 -- Wednesday Update on Brylee...

Happy Hump Day! We definitely made it over some humps today and for that I am so thankful for! Today was a day full of improvements and we (I) needed that... I needed my baby girl to show me signs that she is getting better! Check Spelling Our improvements today were:
  • getting up and walking to the bathroom several times;
  • she was able to have 30 ice chips and you can bet we were counting and picked the biggest ones :);
  • she walked down the hall again today and it was actually her idea;
  • she talked a little bit today;
  • she enjoyed her visitors.
{when brylee's real life baby doll brooke...
came to visit it brought a smile to her face}
We did have a few sets backs today too:
  • she still has the tube in her nose
  • she ran a 103 fever this afternoon but it was down the last time they checked it.Please continue to pray for Brylee! Please pray that she will get the tube out of her nose soon (like tomorrow); pray that her fever continues to stay down; pray that the meds continue to work and that she continues to go to the bathroom on a regular schedule, pray that when the tube comes out and they let her have liquids again that she is able to keep those down and we don't start throwing up again; pray that her appendix doesn't abscess and please pray for continued healing and strength for all of us!
Tuesady night I was at the foot of Christ mad, sad, and just plain exhausted... I am so glad He is ok with that. I know He may not change the situation in my timing and that is ok but He is walking through this with us and oh what a story we will have when we get to the other side! All for His Glory! He is my strength and I am holding on tight! Thank you so much for all your prayers! Keep them coming! Praying for Brylee!!!

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  1. I will certainly hold Brylee and her family in my prayers. So thankful that we serve a mighty God who is able!
    p.s. Charlotte Burkhardt is one of my dear friends and I "met" you through Katy's blog!