Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012 Thursday Update on Brylee...

As we turn in for the night; we are praising the Father for answered prayers! We had another day with improvements being made in Brylee's condition. We are certainly not out of the woods just yet but we will celebrate the small victories.
  • she got the tube out of her nose today... HUGE!! HUGE!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!
  • she woke up in the best little mood... ready to conquer the day
  • she walked down the hall to get weighted this morning... poor baby has already lost 5 pounds ;(
  • she has continued to walk to the bathroom and constantly using it... she is pooping and peeing (sorry TMI) but those are two qualifications for going home!
  • she was awake most of the day from about 5:00am until about 2:00pm... then she took about an 2 hour nap and was up for about another 2 hours this evening... we are glad she is feeling better and being awake and alert more often!
  • she was eager to "play" with things today... she played the iPad and used lots of her art stuff that all of our sweet friends and family have brought her!
  • she is talking again... that kind of goes along with getting the tube out
  • her white blood cells and CRP levels are down from Tuesday
  • her blood cells are replenishing themselves

she got her hair washed today... check out this contraption they used to wash her hair! We are so thankful for all these wonderful prayers God has answered and how He continues to heel our sweet baby! Please continue to pray for her... we still have a ways to go!

  • pray that her fever will stay down... she has been keeping a fever on and off since last night
  • pray that she will not throw up anymore... so they will not have to put the tube back in her nose... she threw up twice today... we do not want her to start throwing up again
  • pray that they will allow her to drink liquids again or at least have ice chips again... when they took the tube out she went to back to NPO :(
  • pray for restful nights and renewed energy every morning for us and for her
  • pray that her appendix will not abscess

We are so thankful for answered prayers, our baby girl who is starting to feel better, and some of the most amazing friends and family anyone could ask for... all of you who have came to visit us help the day go by fast, all the food you have brought us has been so yummy and thoughtful, all the presents, cards, balloons, and snacks you have so graciously sent us or brought us... you all simply DO NOT know how much that means to us! I go to sleep each night in awe of how thoughtful some of our friends and family have been!

Most of all I thank you for your prayers! I know my baby girl is being prayed for by so many people. Those of you who have added her to your church or bible study prayer list we thank you! The more people we have praying the better! Keep up the praying!

Praying for Brylee!!!!

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