Friday, March 16, 2012

March 16, 2012

Oh how I forgot and "missed" the bright and early room visit wake up calls from the doctor and his entourage at the hospital... nothing like being in a dead sleep and 20 people walk in your room and flip on the lights like it is noon! However, they did bring good news... they said sister could eat some FOOD!!!! She was beyond excited!!! Because remember she was STARVING!!!! The doctor also said they would continue to watch her and if she did ok then we could go home late in the afternoon! Well, she scarfed down her breakfast, went to the bathroom several more times, walked all over the halls, and talked mommy and daddy into playing Monopoly! A few hours later one of the surgical team members came in to check on Brylee and since she was all but climbing the hospital walls she said she was more than ready to go home and she wrote the orders and off we were. We left about 11:00am Friday! Thankfully we only had to stay one night this trip but I will say this trip we sure did have THE.CUTEST!!!! door hanger of anyone in the whole hospital!!!! Thanks to Mrs. Jill!And this my friends is what the bravest and toughest (she did not have any pain meds once she left the OR/Recovery) little girl looks like! She was an absolute rock star!!!!!
We are so glad this chapter is behind us!!!!!
Thanks again for all your prayers!!!

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  1. So glad to hear everything went well with Brylee's surgery! She is one tough little girl!!