Monday, March 19, 2012

March 19, 2012

{17 Day Diet}
Today was the day... RP and I started The 17 Day Diet... Several girls (and boys) I know have done it so we decided to give it a chance! I downloaded the book on the kindle and skimmed through it and with much coaching from Amelia :) at work I think we have a handle on it! Is it going to be easy... NO, are we going to be able to eat everything we want and love... NO, but do i think we can do it... I hope so!!! And I think it is very do able and something we can hopefully stick to and work on making that life change! I have to say when you can only have a limited amount of foods you learn to like things you never thought you liked! I did not use to "like" cauliflower but I roasted it in the oven and dipped it in a little bit of ketchup and "told myself" it was a french fry and I "believed it" and it was actually really good! RP is doing really good too... he actually sent me a picture of his lunch... it was chicken salad (of course made with sour cream not mayo) on a bed lettuce with tomatoes and cucumbers... I was pretty impressed I will say! Oh and the picture.... yeah well that is NOT anywhere on the foods you can eat list! But it sure does look cute on my table and mighty tempting at times... thanks pinterest for the idea... we officially have some Easter decorations up in out house!

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