Tuesday, March 20, 2012

March 20, 2012

{BP's Day Out}
Happy Spring Break to us!!!
*Brylee Pooh had an extra special day out with Nonnie complete with a full on manicure and pedicure (yes I was totally jealous), lunch date, and a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby which scored her a cute little bunny stuffed animal!
*Then Daddy got "Daddy of the Year" because he took 4 kids by himself to tree top to play and then to the park... and even came back with them all in one piece! Rock Star Daddy!!! He quickly reminded me that he keeps up with 30 kids every day... 4 was no big deal!!
*With all this unseasonable warm, I mean HOT, weather we have going on it is ice cream selling time!!! Brylee was daddy's little helper this afternoon and helped him sell ice cream... then she bailed on him when Harper T ask her to come play after she sold him some ice cream!
*She had her a busy little day for sure!!!! I guess she can tell from all her adventures today she is doing AMAZINGLY well! Honestly, if you saw her you would not even know she had surgery 5 days ago. We are so thankful... what a HUGE answer to prayer!!!! She even says I feel so much better!!! God love her!!!
*Spring Break is just that for us a BREAK! However, I would be lying if I did not tell you I am JEALOUS of every single person who is currently at the beach! I think I might need to avoid facebook because I swear EVERY.PERSON.I.KNOW (it seems) is at the beach!!!! And I am pretty jealous of my family who gets Spring Break... no spring break for me!!! Maybe I need to go back to teaching... ummm... at least I would get Spring Break right! Ha! :)

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