Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012

{Saturday at the Ball Park}
You would think that we would get enough time at the ball park just watching Jackson play ball... but oh no we love that place way to much! Saturday we did not have a game until 6... most families would be excited that they had the whole day to themselves and not have to be at the ball park until the end of the day... but no our family! It was like we did not know what to do... so we decided to do what any other baseball family would do we went to the ball park... to watch Katie (our niece) play t-ball and Zac (our nephew) play 5/6 coach pitch! And of course we had great fun! Where else can you go where your kids are going to have all their friends in one place and the parents have all their friends in one place too. You rotate from field to field talking to all your friends and the kids run around with all their friends. If I did not have to shell out tons of cash at the concession stand it would be cheap entertainment! Ha! :) But it is fun entertainment nonetheless! 

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