Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 22, 2012

{Cleaning Day}
Today was clean up the house day... sounds like fun right! Actually, I had the whole house to myself b.c daddy and brylee went to sell ice cream and jackson went to "play at GoGo and Grandaddys" so I actually got to clean up the house and it stay clean and did not have little ones messing things up as fast I could clean them! :) 

Have ya'll tried these cleaning products pictured above? The first three are from the dollar tree... glass cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and furniture polish all in a wipe container thingy... they smell good and work great! The last one is my absolute favorite... i am obsessed with it for cleaning the's Mrs. Mey-ers Counter top Spray in lavender (i have used the basel one too)... it is the BEST STUFF and it smells soooo good even in the next morning!!!

All these are my go to cleaning products that help me keep things clean in between the maid visits! 

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