Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April 24, 2012

{Jackson gets contacts!!!!}

After only having glasses for 2 months; we were already replacing Jackson's glasses because he broke them. It was also our one time a year replacement pair. So I knew that was not a good combination so I ask our eye dr if he could get contacts. Thank goodness for an eye doctor that has known our family for years and one who has a son who is as active in sports like Jackson. He agreed to let him try them out earlier than most eye doctors will... some of them say 12 years old is the magic number! When we went to get them our eye dr. put them in the first time, then Jackson had to take them both out, put them back in, and then take them out again by himself! Dr. Hayes was so patient with Jackson and helped him learn how to put them and take them out! He was able to take them out both times and put them back in as well. He is to only wear them after school until bed time for the next two days and on Thursday he can wear them all day! He is doing really well with them so far... I hope he keeps it up! It does help that I wear contacts and know how to help him too! Like I told Robbie I can throw contacts away daily and still not spend the money I would on replacing glasses every 2 months or paying almost $500 for sports glasses. Just when I got use to him in glasses now I have to get used to him without them again! I am so glad for him that they seem to be working great especially for sports reasons. He told me today I forget they are even in my eyes! :) 

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