Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012

 {A Little Procedure)

Today I had to get up at sunrise and head downtown to have a little dermatology procedure done on my arm! How pretty is that sunrise??? However I am glad I don't get up this early every morning! 
Here is a picture of my arm... it was really no big deal once it was over but they acted like they were cutting my arm off... Sure I have a few stitches and several band aids but it was really no big deal. They told me I got patient of the year bc I did not even flinch when they gave me the shots to dead in the area... the nurse said I have grown men who flinch and tear up when I do this to them... Ha! (I said that's why men don't have babies :)) ... they also offered me lor-a-tab when I left... seriously people??? I did not even take those when I had a baby... but I am not a pain meds person they make me feel worse. My mom would say my dad and  I have a stubborn high pain tolerance..and apparently Brylee does too! :) 
Tonight I can tell it is "waking up" and it stings a little but other than that its been totally fine. Thankfully it is my left arm since I am not suppose to use it for a few days... which is harder than I thought... to be right handed I sure do use my left hand/arm more than I thought! I am hoping I can sleep good tonight and tomorrow it is not too sore! :) Wish me luck!!!!

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