Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disney World!!!!

{Where Dreams Really do come True!!!!}
We're back from family vacation in Disney World! We had a fabulous time but we are TIRED!!!! My dad (Granddaddy) had a conference in Orlando so we tagged along with him and got some good ole lovin' from Mickey, Minnie and the gang! We did not have a ton of planning time for this trip. We found out about it in March and had to make sure Brylee was cleared from all things appendix before we could officially make plans. This was kind of like our Spring Break a few weeks late! :)  

We had originally planned on going to Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios and Sea World but then I got cold feet the night before we left and changed things all up! After talking to lots of people and doing internet research I decided Universal Studios and Sea World could wait and we would do Hollywood Studios and Epcot! And I am so glad we made the change!

I was worried that Brylee was not going to be tall enough for some of the rides at Universal. She would not be OK with Jackson being able to ride and her not. I have some ROLLER COASTER riding fools... they take after their mama!!! I also felt like we needed 2 days to do both parks but we only had one day to give and it was hard to pick which park to go to because there were good rides at both parks. I also felt like Universal was something we could do when they were older and sadly enough you really do "age out" of Disney as a kid. Jackson was really at that border line "age out" stage but I think because Brylee was still into all the characters and the whole "magic of Disney" it made him want to be apart too!

As for Seaworld, i am sorry but it just seems BORING to me! Honestly, I can't get past the name. I have never been and really don't know much about it but we are just not an animal loving family. We don't do aquariums and really could care less about the zoo. Everyone said it is so awesome and they love it and their kids loved it etc etc etc. I really tried to get excited about it but it was just not happening. I could not get excited about dolphin and whale shows... I am sure they are great but it was just not happening for us. Maybe one day we will spend the $300 to go check it out but for now I was not willing to take the gamble so we went with what we knew they would like a Disney Park!

This time we flew and OMG!!!!!!! I will NEVER drive again... I don't care if we have to eat beans and rice for 6 months before we go I will FLY.... PERIOD!!!!!! If I have any advice for anyone going it would be FLY... end of story! I have done both... driven 3 times... once without kids and twice (ages 2 & 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 and 6) with them and flown once (age 9 and 7 1/2) and flying is the ONLY way to GO!!!!  I don't care if you have a 1 year old or a 9 year old... FLY! Even after checking bags, getting to the airport 2 hours early, going through security, getting a rental car, being delayed an hour coming back, and the 1 1/2 flight.... you still get there in less than 10 hours. And for us; we got a bang up deal on some flights and it was cheaper for us to fly!!!!! Hey do ya'll think you should fly when you go to Disney?!?!? Ha! :) You would think Southwest was giving me a kick back or something!

Need less to say we had a great time and after over 600 pictures later I have lots of editing and blogging to do! So stay tuned over the next few days... lots of blogging to catch up on!!!! :)

And there is only 1 week until SUMMER VACATION..... HOLLER!!!!! :)

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  1. OMG I can't wait to see and read all about you Disney trip. We are actually going in October for the first time and can't wait. Wished we could fly,but the DH feels we should drive. OUr kids are 2,4,and 6. I hope everyone have fun.